Your soul is waiting for you to open the door.

sleeping beauty dream 84

Sleeping Beauty’s Dream by Catrin Welz-Stein

There is no such thing as an “inanimate object.” All of creation, including the human-made, is subtly vibrating with energy-consciousness. “Objects” are, in fact, subjects, each one a unique expression of Life interconnected with all others.

When you come to know that people, things and the planet are not separate, but ensouled aspects of Oneness, you may start to feel the subtle sentience of flowers, cars, forests, cell phones, rooms and spaces…

The most meaningful aspect of the built environment on a personal level is the home, which is actually a holographic version of the Self. By consciously inhabiting your space, lovingly taking care of it and heeding its messages, you are communing with your very soul.

When that shift from separateness to soul-based perception happens, life becomes a rich, flowing dance — often a magical, joyful leap, sometimes a painful wrestling of demons — but at least you know you’re alive. When you are aware of your Soul as one precious molecule of the World Soul, you are always supported and loved.

So, is anybody home? Or has some essential part of you left the building?

When I opened that door and let myself be sourced by Soul, I was guided through dreams and inspired ideas to inhabit my Home-Self in an authentic and holistic way. Soon a sense of magic, fun and confidence arrived, my creativity exploded, and vibrant energy flowed into my life. I hope that by reading about my journey here something may shift for you, too.

Merry with necklaceMerry Henn, EEM-CP, M.Ed, helps people connect to their authentic selves and healthful bodies by holding a healing space where they can be heard, accepted and empowered. Read more here: Merry lives in Seattle and connects with clients over Skype or Facetime.

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